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GUANGZHOU INCODE MARKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2008. It is a provider of industrial coding, marking, and packaging coding application solutions, dedicated to providing industrial coding solutions to users around the world.


  • China Inkjet Printer Factor Manufacture

    As businesses grow and develop, so does the need for reliable, efficient coding and marking solutions. This is where Guangzhou INCODE Marking Technology Co., Ltd. comes in. As a leading provider of...
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  • where is ink cartridge factory?

    Guangzhou INCODE Marking Technology Co., Ltd., as the first domestically produced ink cartridge filling factory, we attach great importance to the printing performance of ink cartridges on differen...
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  • how to choose food grade ink cartridge?

    Guangzhou INCODE Marking Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading producer of printing consumables, including ink cartridges designed for industrial environments. The company offers a range of ink cartrid...
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  • How to choose Inkjet printer factory?

    In today’s digital age, it’s no secret that businesses and individuals rely heavily on technology to accomplish everyday tasks. An important technology is the inline inkjet printer. Whe...
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  • what’s Food grade ink cartridge?

    As the demand for food-grade ink cartridges continues to grow, more and more ink cartridge factories have begun to produce these specialized products. Food-grade ink cartridges are specially design...
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